Yep… that's right… Christmas is coming! You may have only just put your flip flops in the attic for another year but if you’re not already thinking about Christmas 2018 operations, you haven't got long to prepare! You’ve had a busy year so far, but is your business prepared for the inevitable surge of consumer orders over the Christmas period? If all this talk of Christmas peaks is giving you sleepless nights there is an alternative. Our pay as you use E-Commerce fulfilment pick and pack services could well be the answer. If you’re not familiar with how outsourced order fulfilment works then read on. Outsourcing fulfilment and delivery to 3P Logistics couldn’t be easier.

  1. Tell us your requirements to receive a quotation for services
  2. On acceptance of our pricing simply register for an account and send us your stock.
  3. We draw down your orders and ship your goods.
  4. We invoice you the services rendered

We can also handle all your returns as well, and with Collect+ reporting their first Christmas Return at 7:08am on Christmas Day Morning, do you really want to be organising return orders whilst eating your Turkey? There are many things to consider when thinking about whether to use a Third-Party Logistics provider including…

  1. Access to Industry Expertise
  2. Access to Scale
  3. Access to Buying Power
  4. Access to Pay as you use

Above all – You Deserve a Break! Picture this… It’s 9pm on Christmas Eve and you still have back orders to process and your carriers have let you down! We all need a break, and what better time to relax and enjoy quality family time than Christmas! For once you’ll enjoy Christmas knowing that it’s all been taken care of by 3P Logistics.

Flexibility is key for the festive period!

With the big standalone e-commerce days (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and the New Year) some online retailers report taking 50% of their income on these days vs the rest of the festive period, that’s a steep incline! Can your existing infrastructure cope with these spikes in sales? Can you still meet the next day delivery deadlines that consumers expect in 2018? If you have never used third party order fulfilment services before, then it can seem daunting, and you might not think that your company has the orders to warrant outsourcing to a 3PL.  Have an informal chat with our new business team should quickly put you at ease. By allowing 3PL to handle all of your fulfilment & logistics needs it leaves you with more time to grow your business through effective sourcing and selling.

A warehouse without walls

We all know the dilemma.  You find something unique that you want to sell because you know it will be the 'Must Have' gift for Christmas 2018 but you simply don't have the space to store the goods. By using 3PL as your e-commerce fulfilment partner space becomes our challenge. With access to over 200,000 sq ft of secure warehousing you need never worry about a lack of storage space ever again. Leaving you to buy in bulk and help reduce you unit price.

We know all the marketplaces

Here at 3PL, we have extensive knowledge in E-Commerce. We have a team of experts ensuring that your orders are dispatched in a timely manner ensuring positive feedback. We know the importance that online market places such as eBay and Amazon place on this and therefore we make sure this is critical to the way in which our business works.


Out sourcing your fulfilment & logistics to 3P Logistics can truly revolutionise the way in which your business works and can help take your business to the next level. If your looking to streamline your logistics operations for e-Commerce Fulfilment, why not get in touch to see how we can assist. #WEARE3PL