We have all heard of the Business people who tries to do everything themselves. Business people like this have many reasons for not wanting to let go. For some they do not want to pay the money to outsource part of their operations, especially when they could do it themselves, if there was time. Others do not trust others to do things as well as they would. For some, it is an excuse not to get involved with more scary tasks such as expanding their business.

Each of these are excuses to keep it within the business. If you choose the right fulfilment centre for your business then it wont cost money but save money, stress and time. The right partners will also be able to do things more efficiently and to a higher quality, as it is their everyday job which they specialise in. If you stay in your comfort zones of operations you will never be able to expand your business, out sourcing is the best way to do this. 
When it comes to eCommerce retailers, this problem becomes even worse. Storing, picking, packing and distributing products uses a lot of time and money, both of which businesses don't have time to waste. And, you haven't even started thinking about dealing with returns. Many business get to the stage where their homes become a working warehouse, with the kids and partner as the staff.  

So what happens if you run things yourself at the moment?

Its never to late to start outsourcing, no matter what stage of your journey you are along.  
Remember the importance of focusing on marketing, brand and product. Outsourcing your fulfilment and distribution allows you to concentrate on this, no matter what stage you company is at. Whatever happens, don’t be like the entrepreneur who tries to do it all himself!