This September saw the 3PL Team attend the much anticipated annual Linn Academy Event at the Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham.



As well as rubbing shoulders with the world renowned David Brent and Gareth Keenan the team made the most of the inspiring outlooks on the world of eCommerce within seminars by Linnworks’ Founder Fedor Dzjuba and founder of Sticky Branding - Jeremy Miller. There were also Q&A sessions with Tamebay’s Editor Chris Dawson and Public Desire’s Tayyab Akhlaq.


The day came to a fine crescendo with a highly insightful talk and Q&A from arguably The BBC’s most well renowned Dragon – Deborah Meaden. With several successful businesses in the leisure and retail sector and countless experience in the world of business Deborah is a true icon and the team took a lot of value from a very grounded and personal session with Mrs Meaden herself.



As well as hosting business centric conferences the Linnworks team also know how to put on a show and open the doors for more sociable networking opportunities. Safe to say the team enjoyed an evening forming long standing partnerships with other service providers in the eCommerce community.


We must also take this opportunity to personally thank Linnworks for putting on such an amazing event.