Brands Look To Fulfilment Houses…

Brands look to fulfilment houses for distribution of goods to consumers.

As e-commerce is becoming a viable platform for most businesses, an increasing number of brands are looking to fulfilment houses to support the distribution of their goods to consumers according to leading UK fulfilment house 3P Logistics.

Brands are discovering that utilising outsourced warehousing for fulfilment and distribution can increase their profit margins and likely to increase sales. E-fulfilment, by definition, is what happens between the time the customer buys the product from a webstore and the moment they receive the goods. From a customer perspective, this process reflects how the brand performs. By using specialist fulfilment warehouses, brands can focus on their core business activities, such as planning, marketing, developing product and consumer relations.

Using e-fulfilment can level the playing field for smaller companies and marketplace sellers allowing them to compete with big-named brands. John Scully – Development Manager at 3P Logistics says

“Using outsourced warehousing and fulfilment, sellers effectively lower their operating costs and scale the business. Brands can leverage our resources without having to directly invest in property, technology, personnel and the time required to set up warehouse. Cash is key in any business and should be used to source goods and take them to market as opposed to taking on a whole range of overheads associated with an in-house solution.”

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