3PL Case Studies Natural Cycles Femtech
3PL Case Studies Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles continues global expansion with 3PL

At leading FemTech company Natural Cycles, the aim is to pioneer women’s health with research and passion – by empowering every woman with the knowledge that they need to take charge of their health.

Natural Cycles created an algorithm to analyse temperature readings, taking factors like sperm survival, temperature fluctuations, variations in cycle length, ovulation day, and the length of the follicular and luteal phase into account to identify fertile and non-fertile days.

The algorithm behind Natural Cycles not only helps women to prevent a pregnancy – but also to conceive when the time was right.

Solutions Provided

Natural Cycles partner with 3PL to help build its brand presence to attract new customers, streamline operations, and ultimately grow revenue.

  • B2B Fulfilment
  • Retail Fulfilment

"Natural Cycles are experiencing massive growth and thankfully with 3PL we have found a fulfilment and logistics partner that can help to support the journey. Their online portal increases transparency and communication is kept to a minimum due to a seamless solution between both parties. For us as a company to grow as we wish, we need to ensure that the entire organization and our partners provide us with the best possible support and professionalism that we wish.” “We have had the pleasure of working with 3PL for quite a while now and long may that continue."

Therezia Joaquin-PalmSupply Chain Manager, Natural Cycles


With a fast-growing International footprint Swedish based Natural Cycles needed a fulfilment and logistics partner with a strong UK presence and a proven track record in fulfilling International orders.

Natural Cycles also wanted a partner with experience of crucial pre-retail activities like re-work, a solution often be overlooked by brands that are scaling at speed.

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3PL Case Studies Natural Cycles Femtech 3


Following a high-level solution evaluation, 3PL created a simple yet effective solution for Natural Cycles. A pre-retail process was designed and combined component kitting with demand planning to produce finished goods that were placed on stock awaiting order, ready for instant call off.

A direct API connection to orders was seamlessly synced with 3PL’s WMS, offering carrier rules support and commercial invoices for international shipments.

Natural Cycles were attracted to the added benefits of despatch confirmations, and stock balances that can be automatically adjusted in line with physical receipts and despatches.

All transactions were then hosted via 3PL’s very own proprietary reporting platform, giving Natural Cycles the ability to access various streams of data on demand.

3PL Case Studies Natural Cycles Femtech 4


Consumers are becoming more and more demanding with timely delivery and low-cost delivery playing a major part in buying decisions. Having the ability to provide kitting services, and International shipping in an accredited environment is a distinct advantage to any product led business

Natural Cycles now service their growing UK customer base directly from the UK, reducing lead times and shipping costs and in turn increasing sales. Another added bonus with 3PL is that our International reach has helped support overseas growth too.

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