Case Study 2

From Factory Gate to End User

Customer Profile

With a strong believe in design our client developed innovative and elegant solutions that create space and comfort for various users. Their products bridge the gap between furniture and technology, giving people the space and freedom to live and work in an environment designed around them.

  • Award wining products
  • Global company with offices in UK, USA, Australia and Japan
  • Worldwide network of manufacturers, dealers and distributors

Gap Analysis

Our client sought a dedicated third party logistics provider that would significantly reduce the amount of time they were devoting to managing the supply chain thus enabling more focus towards design, manufacture & infrastructure. 

  • 3P Logistics Supply Chain

    Fragmented Supply Chain

    The previous supply chain solution lacked logic and the service provision lacked focus, resulting in costly and sub-standard service levels.

  • 3P Logistics Ecommerce Support

    Lack of Ongoing Support

    Our client needs a comprehensive support package coupled with a  radical re-engineering of the previous solution.

Closing the gap

3PL clearly established the supply chain gaps, identified root cause and instilled robust solutions to address the issues. The main changes are:

  • 3P Logistics Freight

    Far Eastern Freight Movements

    • Appropriate port of origin
    • Terms of business i.e. FOB
    • Use of LCL vs FCL
    • 20FT high Cube vs 40ft container
    • Appropriate use of “fast sea” vs “slow sea” shipments
    • Port clearance and lead time
    • VAT / Duty deferment linked to deferment account and commodity coding
  • 3P Logistics Warehousing

    European Warehousing

    • A Single site solution in the UK vs 2 sites serving UK and Europe
    • Avoidance of a “hub” approach thus removing costly internal movements
    • Increased daily throughout capacities
    • Reduced lead times i.e. order day 1, deliver day 2
    • A Single point of contact
    • Centralised inventory
    • A Dedicated team delivering high efficiency and accuracy
    • Introduction of Key performance criteria and service information
  • 3P Logistics Distribution

    UK and European Distribution

    • Reduced cost by increased consolidation and introducing groupage
    • Enhanced service linked to traceability and shortened lead times


  • Supply Chain Transformation

    A more streamlined system with less wastage.

  • Enhance the Business

    Additional support provides a catalyst for continuous improvement in various areas inc. IT and SOP.

3PL have been rewarded with a long term contract as a direct result of its endeavours and contribution, managing the supply chain from port of origin right through to customer delivery/ collection.