Case Study 4

Simplicity is the key

Client Profile: Based in Central London, our client supplies a diverse range of packaging labels to the UK retail market. 

  • 14.5 millions labels in stock
  • 3PL process an average of half million labels per day
  • Requires same day pick and dispatch solution

Gap Analysis

Having experienced various difficulties with their previous service provider our client sought a reliable third party logistics provider who could provide a simple yet effective solution to their supply chain needs. 

  • 3P Logistics


    Having assessed the previous supply chain failures i.e. Mis-picks, stock loss etc. 3PL presented a basic yet robust service offering. Given that the account entailed serving a production line in a “just in time” environment 3PL fully acknowledged the absolute necessity of a “right first time” approach.

  • 3P Logistics


    The pre-requisites centred in the main upon a clean warehouse environment. 3P Logistics provides state of the art facilities with 24/7 security system, giving our clients a peace of mind.

Closing the gap

In administering our “seven step methodology” 3PL were able to clearly establish the previous failures and set about instilling simple yet effective disciplines:

  • The main elements of change centred on the following:
  • Inbound: split, check and receive by end of business for all am inbound
  • Storage: clear product segregation via shelving and racked locations
  • Picking: adequate staff training linked to product awareness
  • Picking: secondary checks prior to despatch
  • Inventory Control: cyclical counting and quarterly stock takes
  • Deliveries: Despatch and Consolidation = less vehicle movements
  • Deliveries: Dedicated transport resulting in timely deliveries