New Web Portal is introduced at 3P Logistics

New web portal at 3P Logistics provides online access and real time business information

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Here at 3P Logistics we have introduced a new web based logistics portal for our amazing customers to help make the process of receiving, storing and despatching of their goods much faster, simpler and more intelligent. The new portal has recently been on trial with selected customers and following a successful pilot is now being offered to all companies that opt to outsource to 3P Logistics. Our new system operates through our outsourced warehouse management system, supplied by MACS Software, that interfaces with Linnworks order management software and the MetaPack distribution software that is integrated with 300 carriers. MACSwms controls the flow of goods through the warehouse and provides the data for a wide range of customer reports that are available online.


We provide a complete range of outsourced warehousing and logistics services to B2B and B2C customers; which include household names as well as many small online retailers who are looking to expand their businesses. Now, these customers can log in to the 3PL portal, create an account online, set up their products, create an Advance Shipping Note (ASN), print off a bar code and ship the products into the 3PL. All of this can be done easily and seamlessly online and without the need for any verbal contact.

3PL Depot Manager – Wigan

Wayne Dullaghan

Wayne Blog
“Many people live in a virtual world nowadays,” he said. “They are used to managing their businesses in the cloud and our new portal takes them to a whole new level of automation.” As well as being convenient for customers the portal also ensures that 3PL’s customers enter the required bar code, weight and dimensions in a compliant manner.

MACS Software

We can give great credit to MACS warehouse management system: MACSwms, for making our portal possible. Here at 3P Logistics we have used the MACS system since our inception in 2006 and now they are providing the infrastructure that underpins the new 3PL portal.

“Whenever we want to try something new MACS Software has had the skill, ability and flexibility that we need to make things happen,” said Wayne. “As our business has changed this willingness to work with us has been invaluable.”

MACS Software Managing Director

Tony Liddar Tony Blog
“No customer stays the same for long,” he said.  “Every customer we have needs to evolve and change to meet the needs of the market and keep one step ahead of the competition.  It’s our job to work with them to make sure they can do just that.”


The portal also provides a wide range of business information for customers. This includes account status information, order status – including items on back order, orders processed, top and bottom selling lines, stock-holding and invoice information. This was previously provided to customers by email as snapshot reports; the portal now provides this vital business intelligence, in real time day or night and from anywhere in the world.

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