Just In Time Fulfilment



Drop-shipping is a method in which the seller does not hold goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer or as a bulk consignment to a third party fulfilment house for segregation and onward delivery.


Drop shipping means different things to different people. Retailers drop ship to expand product catalogues, test new product categories, and reduce inventory carrying costs. Supplier and manufacturers drop ship as a service to channel partners in order to accept orders from retailers, e-commerce sites, and marketplaces. 3P Logistics offers drop ship fulfilment solutions, APIs, managed integrations, and a powerful SaaS intelligence platform. 

Drop-shipping is a model that allows retailers to buy products individually from a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer and they will ship them directly to your customer on demand instead of purchasing a large amount of inventory in advance. Some drop shippers will despatch directly to consumer whilst others will consolidate into a daily consignment and send onto a nominated 3PL to ship directly to end consumer. At 3P Logistics we receive, check and ship from many drop ship consolidators each day in turn giving our clients greater flexibility to source effectively.

The drop shipping fulfilment house doesn't exist to the end customer. Its sole responsibility is to stock and ship products. Everything else – marketing, website development etc. – is the responsibility of the merchant.   

Our Drop Ship expertise and experience, helps maximise efficiency & shorten lead times. We understand the complexity in managing a number of drop ship suppliers and create appropriate data exchanges as required. In addition to passing order data for fulfilment across to drop ship, clients need visibility of data for stock management purposes. We provide such information via a client portal allowing you to manage and order from your suppliers. 

Plug in your drop shippers - Plug in your 3PL - Off you go !

Top Tip:

Having access to a proven 3PL drop ship partner will help to broaden the amount of drop shippers you can work. You should also be able to negotiate better prices if the drop shipper doesn`t have to take care of direct shipping.