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A general warehouse is a commercial building for storage of non-temperature-controlled goods. Warehouses are typically used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, logistics businesses, customs, etc.

We provide our clients with access to over 200,000 sq. ft of accredited Central UK warehousing further enhanced by a global network of International partner warehouses across the globe.

Within our general warehouse offering services include container receiving and bulk warehouse storage, ably supported by a whole host of value-added support services including re-work and kitting. Our present-day multi-user warehouse “supermarkets” will typically house more 25,000 SKU's and more than 20 million units of stock of varying commodities across the various segments of health, beauty, well being, lifestyle, fashion and electronics.

Our range of general warehousing support is diverse and includes:  

Container Unloading – Palletised and Handball

With dry and secure dock level unloading as standard, your containers are unloaded in next to no time. With access to ride on pallet trucks (PPT) for palletised goods or a dedicated handball team for loose carton receipts we aim to avoid those costly container detention fees.

Storage – Palletised and Bulk Storage

With thousands of racked and floor pallet spaces your pallets are securely stored and optimised for handling.

Pick and Pack – By Unit, Master Carton or Full Pallet

Pick and Pack – Per unit, master carton or full pallet
Trade orders are accurately and logically assembled linked to a pre-determined order file and specific customer requirements. The goods are securely packed, machine wrapped and transferred to the despatch area for onward delivery.

Returns Management – Opportunity knocks

Our “right first time” approach to warehousing helps to keep returns to an absolute minimum. In the event of a return we have a number of options available including pre-paid returns or arranging uplift. Upon return to site we undertake a rigorous QC inspection as part of the re-stocking process.

Value Added Services – The world isn't always round shaped

Our diverse range of value added warehousing services helps you to overcome compliance in an efficient and cost effective manner.
Reconfiguration of goods to a particular specification is common place these days. From re-labeling to kitting and re-work to co-packing – we have it covered.

Stock Management – Helping drive availability

Having confidence in your inventory is key to delivering bottom line performance. Our dedicated stock control team undertake routine tasks delivering a pro-active approach to stock management. Our robust warehouse systems and cycle counting disciplines ensures that your inventory balance always remains relevant. In addition, year-end audited stock taking can also be supported.

Business Intelligence – Facts, trends and opportunity

Our extensive range of management information can be tailored to suit. From demand planning and stock movement to service performance and much much more, our suite of reports acts as your business dashboard and helps to keep you in control at the swipe of a mouse.

If you don`t see a warehousing service you need - just ask ! 

Top Tip:

With warehouse rent, rates, staff costs etc at an all-time high outsourcing to a third-party logistics company (3PL) is a great way to negate rising costs and scale through shared use.