One Provider - Many Channels



The term “Multi-Channel” normally takes the form of an e commerce selling strategy that targets customers on various channels in addition to the company's website. Multi-Channel retailing has evolved beyond promotion to include selling directly to consumers on social media, marketplaces, and other mediums. More traditional retail methods can also be adopted including catalogues, brick-and-mortar stores, direct mail, and inbound telesales.


Multi channel fulfillment does more than help retailers and online brands expand into new channels – it also enables optimised supply chain performance. Integrating bricks-and-mortar stores with your online channels opens up new sales channels, driving brand profits and customer satisfaction.

Multi channel retailing is growing explosively, moving pro-active retailers to reinvent the role of traditional stores and fulfillment. A successful multi channel strategy requires best-in-class fulfillment for competitive differentiation. Getting fulfillment right is much more mission-critical in a multi channel setting compared to a traditional brick and mortar setting.  Fulfillment also carries more brand impact than traditional settings, as customers rely increasingly on receiving orders quickly and accurately. Despite its strategic importance, too many retailers still lack an effective multi channel fulfillment strategy. 

As Multi-Channel fulfilment and logistics specialists our services are dedicated towards supporting e-commerce and retail. Our fulfilment operations process thousands of orders each day on behalf of a diverse customer base. More commonly known as B2C & B2B operations we fulfill and deliver thousands of consumer and retail orders each year.

The rise of multi channel retail has meant challenges and opportunities for players in the sector. Those who wield fulfillment as a powerful secret weapon especially using fulfillment best practices can break through to much higher levels of performance. 

Tip Tip:

When outsourcing ensure you link up with a 3PL service provider than has the capability to interface with multiple sales channels including online, bricks & mortar and social media.