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Studio photography is typically photography done within a controlled environment, indoors, under lighting conditions that artificial. They should include different coloured background, and textures to layer products onto. 


E-commerce is built on imagery. Billions of product images are being clicked, swiped, and compared by customers every day. To win those customers, brands and retailers must produce higher quality photos, faster, and at a much greater volume than ever before. That’s where our on-demand photography and editing services come in. 

If stock photography lead time and costs per image are important factors to your business - welcome to Studio 3PL.  

Located on site at our Wigan HQ Studio 3PL is our very own 2,000 sq ft photography and editing studio that produces quality, fast, affordable pack-shot photography for retailers. Our versatile portfolio covers a wide range of clients and product types covering the entire process from concept to delivery, ensuring all your creative and production needs are expertly catered to under one roof.

We are able to process your web image requirements in a short space of time and to web store quality. From ‘live model’ fashion shoots to product stills, all images are shot and edited to a high standard. We cater for most web photography needs at a fraction of the usual cost normally associated with high end studios.

To view a sample portfolio of our web photography work click here:


Top Tip:

Finding a fulfilment partner with its very own Photography Studio is pretty rare. Having the ability to extract imagery from point of arrival will increase availability and lower the costs normally associated with high end photography studios. If its simple pack shots that are required then an onsite studio should prove more than sufficient.