We Value Graded Goods



Re-Commerce or reverse commerce, refers to the process of selling previously owned, new or used products, through physical or online distribution channels to companies or consumers willing to repair, if necessary, and reuse, recycle or resell them afterwards.


Increased asset recovery and minimal landfill is key for all manufacturers and retailers that accept returns. Our refurbishment and stock clearance processes significantly increase asset recovery by improving both product pass rate and subsequent yields. We work closely with our clients in an advisory capacity to establish the best routes to market for all refurbished product.

Having access to a provider that is well versed in product refurbishment and online clearance is a distinct advantage. Through a well established strategic alliance with our on site re-commerce partner Clearcycle we are able to grade, repair, recycle or resell graded goods with the aim of gaining you the highest yield possible for your returned inventory. 

We currently refurbish, repair or rework thousands of items annually, across a diverse product range  diverse as Health, Beauty, Fashion, Mobile and Flat-packed Furniture. Thereafter we have proven disposal routes including direct account manager connections within both Amazon and E Bay allowing us to shift volume through the online marketplaces. 

In short - if you have unloved graded goods and wish to maximise value then we are likely to have a solution for you. 

Top Tip:

Stock is not dead until it's dead whilst cash is king in any business. Returns can often be nemesis to most retail businesses but when handled correctly can become your competitive edge. A distant advantage is to use a 3PL that can offer a range of value added services including the refurbishment and resale of returned / graded items.