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Returns management is the supply chain management process by which activities associated with returns, reverse logistics, gatekeeping, and avoidance are managed within the firm and across key members of the supply chain.


Your attitude towards returns management can often be the reason why customers choose to buy from you and not your competition. The average e-commerce returns rate is estimated at 30%, in comparison to bricks-and-mortar shops with 8.8%, highlighting the need for brands to create a watertight, fluid and transparent returns process for their customers.

Our consistently high ‘right first time’ order processing performance helps to keep returns to a minimum. At 3P Logistics we are able to manage your entire customer returns process and we adopt a fresh approach to the growing challenge of returns management. Our agile and pro-active approach to the subject of returns means we direct more time looking at methods of preventing returns rather than physical returns handling itself. 

We reluctantly accept that not all returns are preventable and in such cases our streamlined returns management process supports both National and International collections. From fashion retail to general merchandise we help take cost, complexity and risk out of your reverse supply-chain. Our returns management process aids the customer experience and gives our clients a competitive edge. 

Our returns handling process includes the option of pre-paid postage, validation against GRN (goods return note) and quality control prior to re-stocking. All returns are processed using their relevant stock status code and we aim to process all returns within 2 working days of arrival.

Top Tip:

The way in which you handle your returns can often be the difference between a one off and a returning customer. Using a 3PL to oversee your entire returns cycle is a smart way of enhancing the customer returns experience. This can include lower collection costs, quality control, faster processing and re-stocking whilst some 3PL's even offer a refurbishment and stock clearance service.