We Solve Your Overstocks



Stock clearance is an activity by a company where ownership of products and materials move on to another legal entity. These products and materials in stock clearance will not form the basis of a company's key activities. As such they are often end of line stock, surplus stock, returned stock or bankrupt stock. 


Our Clearcycle model is a simple, scalable solution that allows our clients to exit obsolete or excess stock whilst maximising yield. 

Companies that carry excess stock levels in their inventory typically find that the issue was caused by poor management of demand forecasting and replenishment or not properly tracking the life-cycle stages of a product.

Legacy and graded stock is a common problem encountered by most “inventory heavy” businesses. Not only does aged stock and graded stock tie up cash but it also clogs the warehouse with the potential to cause a complete standstill.

With that in mind we work closely alongside our very own onsite stock clearance partners aptly named Clearcycle. For overstocks we have access to various disposal routes including online and offline marketplaces.

As a fulfilment and logistics business we have a vested interest in helping to keep your inventory on the move. Our stock clearance services are a great way to inject real momentum into stagnant inventory.

We work with clients across all categories and channels. If you sell physical product at any level of the distribution chain, its likely we can help. 


Top Tip:

Overstocks and end of line inventory is common place in retail. How a retailer handles such a challenge can be instrumental in influencing the cash cycle and those with a range of disposal channels will win the day. Excess inventory can also be as equally disruptive to fulfilment houses and as such they may already have well established sales channels much more sophisticated than the archetypal “jobber”. Increased yields on excess inventory is also possible when finding the right partner to work with.