Bulk Storage

Our Client

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company dedicated to improving well-being through our products and solutions, essentials for everyday life.

The Challenge

The sheer scale of the Essity business means that when fluctuations in demand arise they can be both significant in scale and often at short notice. When operating on such a scale any delays in production are magnified and therefore downtime simply isn't an option.

The key to 100% uptime in production focuses largely on the continual supply of raw materials into the production plant nearby. This requires both diligent demand planning alongside and an agile supply chain.

The challenge in this case requires the storing of large industrial bulk paper reels to be called off “on demand” with unrestricted access.

Due to the size of the product being handled specialist handling material was also necessary in the form of clamp trucks supported by relevant road haulage.

Sourcing a bespoke, standalone bulk storage facility with unrestricted access on flexible terms wasn`t going to be easy.

The Solution

Given our extensive reach of warehouses in our network we were able to provide Essity with a fully managed solution. A 15,000 sq ft facility was sourced, the commercials aligned, kit placed on site and first goods received within a matter of weeks from point of enquiry. Thereafter access to stock levels and processing call offs was simplified using our very own web-based platform.

The Result

Our client now has the added peace of mind of continuity of supply and is able to cope with significant fluctuations in production demand. Order call offs are swift and “just in time” logistics helps to keep costs under control.

The Inside Track

With Big business comes Big challenges. Industrial space isn`t as readily today available as it once was hence our vast network of warehouse contacts was absolutely key in providing a solution to a pressing and ever-growing problem.

Lesley Greenhalgh – Planning Manager 3P Logistics