Field Based Operations

Our Client 

Bibliotheca is dedicated to the development of solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world. Our products are designed to provide a welcoming, intuitive and seamless environment for those that use the library – wherever they chose to use it - be that at home, on the move or within the foundation of the library itself.


The Challenge

Servicing field-based engineers and time critical installations is not without its logistical challenges. This challenge often falls into the re-active demand category requiring swift and agile action to be taken which if often same day delivery led.


The Solution

The solution requires the warehousing of both bulk components required for installations and also a spare parts division. Components are often called off at short notice requiring same day processing and delivery.


The Result

With the ability to provide just in time warehousing and same day delivery the client is safe in the knowledge that any downtime is kept to a minimum. In addition with express International shipping most overseas destinations can be reached in super quick time.


The Inside Track

The ability to react and mobilise a swift solution is all important here. We have been providing field-based support to countless clients over the years and have a proven track record in this area.

Lesley Greenhalgh – Planning Manager 3P Logistics