Global Fulfilment

Our Client 

Natural Cycles came about when the founders, Elina and Raoul, were in search of an effective method of natural contraception. Going from physics straight into health tech for women. As the founders of Natural Cycles they can now still enjoy being involved in the research world, as we continue to advance research within the field of fertility, reproduction and contraception. We have published three clinical studies based on Natural Cycles data so far and have many more in the pipeline.


The Challenge

With a fast-growing International footprint Swedish based Natural Cycles needed a fulfilment and logistics provider with a strong UK presence combined with a proven track record in fulfilling International orders. In addition, experience of pre-retail activity in the form of rework was also an essential offering.


The Solution

Following high level solution scoping we defined a simple yet effective process.
Pre-retail in the form of component kitting is frequently undertaken in line with demand planning and the finished goods are placed on stock awaiting order call off.
With a direct API connection in play order details are synced with our WMS, supported by carrier rules and commercial invoices are applied for International shipments. Despatch confirmations are created, and stock balances are automatically adjusted in line with physical receipts and despatches. All transactions are hosted via our very own proprietary reporting platform with various streams of information accessed on demand.


The Result

The client is now able to service UK consumers directly from the UK thus reducing lead times and shipping costs and in turn increasing sales. In addition, our International reach has helped support overseas growth.


The Inside Track

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding with timely delivery and low-cost delivery playing a major part in buying decisions. Having the ability to provide kitting services, and International shipping in an accredited environment is a distinct advantage to any product led business.
Phil Raikes – Business Development Manager 3P Logistics