Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Our Client 

Splash About International Limited is the leading manufacturer of baby swimming products worldwide. We have over 25 years of experience in designing and inventing many of the swimming products now taken for granted and used every day in swimming pools all over the world.

The Challenge

In opting to sell to both wholesale (B2B) and Retail (B2C) the SKU range is vast and the size of each order processed varies greatly. This type of demand drives additional complexity into both warehouse configuration e.g. shelf and racked storage solutions coupled with flexible resourcing demands. Thereafter the added complexity lies in the form of processing wholesale orders to exacting standards to ensure vendor compliance and avoidance of financial penalties. Amazon, John Lewis, Mothercare, Argos etc  carry their own supplier specifications demanding stringent adherence at the sending site.

The Solution

In such instances whereby, bespoke operations are required in the form of vendor compliance a dedicated account co-ordinator is appointed to oversee daily proceedings and to act as the linkage between the seller and the buyer. The co-ordinator will perform an array of tasks such as updating third party software, booking in deliveries and auditing warehouse compliance on behalf of the client. In addition, a tailored operating spec is devised for each vendor account and staff training undertaken. Delivery points will be National and International and cover both DC and Store deliveries. Often direct to consumer operations will follow our standard operating spec. Trade orders however carry much more complexity hence then need for direct support.

The Result

With the relevant controls and knowhow in place our client has scaled B2B operations considerably in recent years whilst financial penalties for non-compliance have all but been eradicated. With tried and tested processes embedded our client has the confidence to expand its wholesale operations both Nationally and Internationally and has the freedom to scale direct to consumer sales at will.

The Inside Track

Every vendor specification is unique with its owns caveats to compliance. Understanding, training and auditing adherence to specification is key to seamless right first-time delivery. Vendor specific operations are not for the feint hearted and experience coupled with attention to detail plays a huge part in achieving success.

Lesley Greenhalgh – Planning Manager 3P Logistics