Wholesale Fulfilment

Our Client
Cordstrap have over 50 years’ experience in protecting the world’s cargo. Our global network of specialists brings their expertise in application development into partnership with their customers, providing advice and training to ensure that their cargo reaches its destination free of damage.

The Challenge

As a result of an internal restructure our client opted to close their in-house operation in exchange for a fully outsourced warehousing and delivery solution and chose 3P Logistics has their UK partner. The challenges identified here centred primarily around timing, knowledge transfer, systems integration and the physical allocation of space linked to a preferred geographical radius as indicated by the client.

The Solution

With various Cordstrap personnel already undergoing a notice period our ability to integrate and service the account within a matter of weeks was a prominent factor in the client selecting 3P Logistics. Upon agreeing contractual terms, we moved quickly to relay and create the space with our Wigan depot to accommodate over 1,000 pallets and approximately 10,000 sq ft of working space. Knowledge transfer was overcome by seconding experienced members of the Cordstrap warehouse team for an interim period and pairing up with existing members of the 3PL operations team. Systems integration followed our usual flow mapping process and in next to no time the account was ready to integrate and gradually wind down operations at the original site.

The Result

Cordstrap UK now operate with just a small field-based sales team in the UK. Their fixed cost central UK Operations now sits in a much more efficient “pay per use” environment in which operating costs are linked to sales activity. As a result of improved systems automation between both parties a fair degree central cost has also been reduced. The UK side of the business is now much more scalable and much leaner as a result of switching from in-house to outsourced operations.

The Inside Track

We took the time and made the effort to visit Cordstrap HQ on numerous occasions to get to the know the account inside and out. This in turn led to a seamless integration.

Wayne Dullaghan - Head of Operations 3P Logistics