Your Bird's Eye View

What is 3PL Fusion? 

3PL Fusion is our very own cloud-based technology platform. The Fusion platform is easy to configure allowing users to monitor their orders, inventory and stock balance in real-time using any device. 

Our platform integrates with many marketplaces and shopping carts through a custom API, and automates the entire order process for accurate operation. Likewise, it can handle bulk processing of thousands of orders each day, enabling you to process multiple orders quickly and simplify B2C and B2B fulfillment.

This is a (PaaS) offering and below is a list of the most commonly used functions

  • Inbound Pre-advice / Notification
  • Order Entry
  • Order Amendment
  • Order Status Update
  • Order Tracking
  • Delivery Status
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales data

Can I track my orders? 

Absolutely, our platform gives you both confirmation of despatch and visibility of delivery via real time track and trace capabilities for most Major UK carriers. 

How do I send my orders to you?

Having access to product data and information at all times is an integral feature of the service which also integrates with users’ existing eCommerce and shopping cart systems.

We have multiple methods of order transmission ranging from CSV Files over an FTP connection to Partnered 3rd Party Multi-channel software and also direct API’s with our system. During the sales process a member of our team will discuss the best solution for you however the most automated path would be to establish a direct API link. (Application Programming Interface.)

How many user licenses can I have?

Your on boarding contact will discuss the number of Fusion licenses to be allocated as part of your specific support package. Additional Fusion licenses are available upon request as is the flexibility to upgrade your level of support.

What if I or my team require further training on the use of Fusion Portal?

3PL Fusion is a simple widget-based input and reporting platform that is simple to use with video tutorials available online. That said we strongly advise that as many relevant people as possible are involved in the initial complementary half day induction session. This half day induction session is normally conducted on site at 3PL HQ or for International businesses remote screen sharing session can be undertaken. Thereafter, any additional training / refresher days are available and priced on application.

What if I am unable to supply information / data in a compliant manner?

To keep our prices low all parties must embrace efficiency through automation and therefore we need users to supply input data to a pre-determined compliant format i.e. Product master file, advanced shipping notification (ASN) order file etc. Our helpful support team are on hand to assist with any initial non-compliance or knowledge gaps. Should any user be unable to supply common data input in the required format then our support team may need to intervene, and additional fees may apply.