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5 Ways To Win Amazon’s Buy Box

If you sell on Amazon, I am sure that you are aware of the ‘Buy Box’ – the holy grail for online sellers. For each product that is being sold on Amazon, there is an area on the product page which only one seller can obtain at a time, a.k.a the Buy Box. It’s a game changer, since obtaining the Buy Box can significantly increase your sales.

3P Logistics Amazons Buy Box
Image courtesy: Clker

1. Become a highly rated seller

This is the most important factor since Amazon will only give the buy box to highly rated sellers. This special status is awarded by Amazon based on different categories. In order to achieve such status you need a low order defect rate, which means the standard of your order fulfilment plays an important role here. Make sure you ship the right product out efficiently to keep your cancellation and late shipment rate as low as possible.

2. Offer a low total price

Keeping your price low is another key to achieving the Buy Box. Make sure you consider both the product price and the shipping price. You should always check out your competitors’ pricing when pricing your own products.

3. Maintain your quantity levels

Make sure your products are always available. For example, our warehouse inventory is directly synchronised with various marketplaces/webstores, which helps our clients maintain a consistent quantity threshold.

4. Achieve sales volume

Just like eBay, conversion rate is rather important here. You need to be a successful seller in order to obtain the Buy Box. Try to offer excellent customer service as this can help retaining customers effectively.

5. Minimize refund

Sales error is a big no, no for an Amazon seller, hence you should ensure your order fulfilment time is as fast as it can be. Consider outsourcing your order fulfilment so that your product can be shipped right first time, every time.