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Banish The Post-Christmas Blues!

With the Christmas period now firmly behind us, our waistlines can begin to recover from the over indulging of the holiday season – but can the same be said for your business?

The festive season is known as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but spare a thought for the thousands of retailers beavering away behind the scenes to help bring Christmas joy to millions of families up and down the land.
Were you one of the countless online sellers struggling to meet demands and dreading this period due to the added stress and pressure?

If so, this simply does not have to be case.

3P Logistics
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I have no other choice – DO I?

Make the smartest New Year’s resolution yet by outsourcing your order handling to a third party Order Fulfilment Company and help to reduce the strain. By choosing to outsource to a 3PL, your business will not only benefit from increased scale but you will also manufacture the time to focus on other aspects of the business. The time spent storing and keeping track of stock, packing and posting etc., often detracts away from the critical focal points of sourcing and selling. Outsourcing to an order fulfilment company can often prove to be a cost-effective solution and help give your business the edge in a very competitive world.

How does it work?

-You send your stock to be securely stored and visible on system
-Customers place orders
-Orders are then extracted from your site/marketplace
-Orders are picked and packed to specification
-Timely delivery of orders on the selected service and system confirmation

What are the benefits?

Outsourcing is a great way to free up time, space and to save money. By choosing to outsource to an Order Fulfilment Company, orders are progressed from the point of inquiry right up to point of delivery including after-sales support. With orders being taken care of elsewhere, you can focus on the core elements of your business and on fueling business growth rather than simply “getting through” a working day. Outsourcing order fulfilment can result in lower operational costs which frees up money to be spent more effectively on other elements of your business, and let`s not forget the impact to work/life balance.
The ever-increasing demand for outsourced logistics shows just how beneficial a warehouse and logistics partner can be to your business.

Make outsourcing top of your New Year’s resolution list today and start enjoying the benefits tomorrow.