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3P Logistics provide for Brand Hatton

Hatton Boxing Chooses 3P Logistics

3P Logistics provide for Brand Hatton

Ahead of the eagerly awaited launch of its new “pride in battle” equipment range Hatton Boxing has partnered with outsourced supply chain specialist 3P Logistics. The UK based logistics company will handle the freight imports, store and distribute its product range.

Hatton Boxing

In addition to supplying the highly acclaimed Hatton Academies, 3P Logistics will also be fulfilling consumer orders placed via the Hatton Boxing website: www.hattonboxing.com

Inbound freight will arrive at our Wigan facility from Hatton`s manufacturing partner. The goods will be stored in a mix of pallet racking and shelf storage for both Academy and B2C picking requirements. 3P Logistics has also agreed to provide a number of value-added services including pre-retail and contact centre support.

“Hatton Boxing is a really exciting brand to be associated with. If it’s half as successful has Ricky was in the ring then it will be a hugely successful venture” said Mark Pawsey, Commercial Manager.

He continued: “Identifying that supply chain is an area of specialism very early on in the business journey can often be the difference between new business ventures flying or failing. Launching a brand encompasses many ingredients of which supply chain is just one of many critical components. It is therefore essential that businesses focus more so on their areas of specialism and what is deemed to be the core business. Time spent handling logistics is ultimately time lost in developing the brand and routes to market”.

Hatton Academy’s training and educational director Jon Eade, said: “When selecting our logistics partner we spoke to a number of parties and found 3P Logistics to be dynamic and appreciative of our requirements. We are confident that 3P Logistics’ account management support and flexible approach will mean that the company becomes a valuable extension to our business – leaving us to focus on what we do best.”

Mark Pawsey added: “By providing Hatton Boxing with a complete end to end logistics service, we are confident that we will play an integral role in the success of the “brand Hatton” for many years to come and look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship.

Just don’t ask me to get in the ring with Ricky!”