Weirdest Things Fulfilled by Amazon UK 2017

Amazon sells everything… and when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING! Over our 11 year history, we have fulfilled a lot of weird items, so we thought today, we would take you on a journey through some of the more ‘unique’ items you can currently buy on Amazon.

1) Canned Unicorn Meat – £40.00

Canned Unicorn Meat - Amazon Fulfilment

Yes you read that right… Canned Unicorn Meat! And if you need your daily source of glitter and magic, then eating a can of Unicorn Meat will definitely give you one of your five glitter portions each day!

2) Black Toilet Roll –  £6.99

Black Toilet Roll - Amazon fulfilment Supposedly a favourite of Simon Cowell, Black Toilet Roll is certainly going to give any of your guests a surprise when they go to use the loo! Currently on sale for £6.99 on Amazon, its not the cheapest way to go to the toilet but it will certainly get your guests talking. Ideal for when the Mother-In-Law comes round to break the ice!

3) Nothing – £5.89

The Gift Of Nothing

Don’t suddenly go for an eye test, you read it right! Amazon is currently selling Nothing! For the comparatively expensive price of £5.89, you can give the gift of Nothing. If your looking to become very unpopular in the office, I recommend getting it for the Office Secret Santa!

4) Handicorn – £6.91

Unicorn Hand Puppet - Amazon UK Fulfillement

If your not looking to eat a unicorn from a can… why not become a unicorn? Or at least let your hand become a unicorn. This unique finger puppet lets you live out your unicorn dreams… oh and before you ask, yes, yes it is suitable for adults as well.

5) My Cuppa Tea Mug – £7.25

My Cuppa Tea - Amazon UK Fulfilment

We all know that one person who cannot make a cup of tea to save their life, (no, I don’t know why they struggle so much either). Well they can struggle no more, with this tea matching guide with everything from “Classic British” to “Builders Brew”.

6) I Could Eat a Horse Pasta Sorter – £7.31

I could Eat A Horse Pasta Sorter - Amazon UK Fulfilment

If your anything like me, you always cook far too much pasta, luckily some genius has come up with solution… and it looks amazing. Ever thought you were so hungry you could eat a horse? Well now is your chance to put it to the test… sort of.

7) Snore Stopper – £10.51

Snore Stopper - Amazon UK Fulfilment

Everyone knows someone that snores… and its annoying… really annoying. You may have tried all kind of solutions to stop your partner snoring, well like the saying goes, the most simple solution is often the best, and with this, it really is the best! No fancy chemicals, no complicated methods… Just simply a boxing glove on a stick. Problem Solved!


In summary, If you have a product that is unique and quirky, then amazon is the marketplace for you. You’ll find your products in good company with the other 398,040,249 Products (as on January 4, 2017). If your looking to streamline your logistics operations for Amazon Fulfilment, why not get in touch to see how we can assist. And if your looking to learn more about Third Party Logistics and how it can benefit and help grow your business, why not check out this blog article? #WEARE3PL
Written by Nathan Keogh - 3P Logistics

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