Business Intelligence

The new crude oil

Data is often said to be worth more than hard cash itself.

Factual data is at the very heart of your business and if harnessed correctly it will help to drive logical decision making from fastest sellers, and high margin products to number of site visits and average spend per transaction, the list of data sources is endless.

Capturing data in a user friendly format and being able to interpret such data is a key component in any successful business.

Our secure business intelligence systems collect the raw data and translate the information into meaningful and simplified content for ease of viewing.

We have a suite of management information at our disposal that is extracted daily and accumulated over time to allow for trending. Such information can also be tailored to your specific reporting needs.
Outsourcing to 3P Logistics actually increases awareness of the business drivers and status whilst our daily transactional summary provided to each client is just one example of the type of data available.