Response Handling

NEVER miss a contact again

In such a fast paced world, “on demand” communication is a given and can often be your service differentiator.

However, receiving ad hoc calls and sporadic email enquiries can also prove to be very disruptive to your working day and this can often leave you and your staff chained to phone and email. In recognition of this, a growing number of businesses are opting to outsource such contact related activities.

3P Logistics Supply Chain

Our personable and suitably trained service agents are on hand to deal with your email and telephone enquiries as well as sales order credit card payment processing and data capture.

Data Capture:
All calls are logged via our web based platform and can be analysed on demand. A contact centre service should be seen as an extension to your business that can free your time and lower your costs. Our advanced telecoms infrastructure and email ticket system allows our service agents to respond in your Company name ensuring continuity of branding at all times

An Interesting Fact: Did you know that over 95% of all enquiries we receive are of a non-technical nature and can be resolved without involving you the client?

With a range of support packages available to suit most budgets we can also provide dedicated named support if required. All contact is logged ‘real time’ ensuring full transparency throughout and response timeliness is measured daily.

In order to reduce fixed costs and increase scalability, a growing number of businesses are switching to a ‘virtual’ business model and the services that we offer help to facilitate that journey.