Inbound Handling

Quality In = Quality Out

3P Logistics Inbound Process

Inbound scheduling

We understand that availability drives sales and we commit to processing all compliant inbound deliveries in both a timely and accurate manner.  In order to ensure a smooth inbound handling process, all deliveries are pre-scheduled in advance, a time slot issued and a unique reference allocated.

Unload and inspect

Inbound goods can arrive in many different shapes and sizes from multiple pallets to  single carton receipts. Upon arrival, all goods are inspected for bar code compliance, quantity discrepancies and damage.  At the customer’s request we are also able to perform various aspects of random sampling and quality control.

Check and receive into warehouse management system

The goods are cross referenced against the delivery paperwork or pre-advice to validate the inbound. Any discrepancies found are second checked by an inbound supervisor and the paperwork amended accordingly. The goods are issued a stock status and are input into the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Locate into a pre-defined storage location

Upon receipt of the goods our WMS allocates a relevant location to suit the nature of the goods e.g. bin, shelving, racked or floor space. To ensure traceability throughout the chain all goods are issued a unique identity in the form of a pallet id reference number.

Forward confirmation of receipt

Once the inbound receipt has been validated an electronic confirmation will be mailed to the desired recipient in the chosen format. Acknowledgement of receipt of goods is confirmed again via an automated Ins and outs end of business summary report sent daily at a pre-agreed time.