Storage Types

Flexible and tailored to suit

The nature of the product i.e. weights and dimensions, quantity of stock and the profile of the account i.e. fast or slow moving, ultimately determines the type of storage required.

  • 3P Logistics Storage

    Bin/ Tote Storage

    Normally combined with a degree of shelving storage, this arrangement is suited to the smaller retail items or even a spare parts service. Our storage bins come in three sizes and are normally situated at ground level due to the fast moving nature of the stock.

  • 3P Logistics Storage

    Free Standing Shelving

    This option is normally combined with a degree of racked storage. Our shelving is a popular choice for e-Fulfilment clients or for secure document storage and archiving. All locations are clearly labeled for ease of stock retrieval whilst all pick bins are accessible from ground floor level.

  • 3P Logistics Storage

    Racked storage

    At 3PL we look at the most cost effective way to store your goods. We appreciate that pallet storage comes in many different shapes and sizes and one size doesn`t fit all. Our racking is adapted to suit and we are able to offer both half and full pallet storage based on the dimensions of your goods.

    With heavy duty racking as standard we are able to accommodate pallets up to 1000 kg in weight. All of our racking is installed by qualified engineers and undergoes periodic inspection.

  • 3P Logistics Storage

    Bulk Storage

    Providing the product is suitable for multiple stacking high then bulk storage is a viable option. In maximising the square footage allocated, the goods would be relatively slow moving whilst stringent stock rotation wouldn’t normally be a specific requirement.