General Warehousing

Simplicity at its best

Our flexible ‘pay as you use’ warehousing services are a cost effective alternative to high fixed overheads. Located in the North West of England, our 75,000 sq ft central UK order fulfilment centre sits alongside the M6 motorway and is conveniently located for ease of access by road, air and rail and the site is situated just a 45 minutes drive away from the industrial port of Liverpool.

Our U.K.W.A. accredited site and ISO accredited warehousing services are a proven way to help businesses grow sales and improve profits by enhancing service, reducing fixed costs and improving overall efficiency.

  • 3P Logistics Warehousing

    Warehousing Services

    From Container de-stuffing right through to returns processing we are able to provide the complete range of general warehousing services under the one roof.

  • 3P Logistics Pre Retail

    Pre-Retail/ Non Conformance

    For times when your products aren’t to finished goods specification. Our bar code labelling, co-pack, re-work and kitting services are available on demand and save the hassle in moving the goods off site to be re-worked.

  • 3P Logistics FBA Prep

    Amazon FBA Preparation Service

    We are able to fulfil orders directly from a range of marketplaces including your Amazon orders. However, for any client wishing to use the FBA option then our in-house preparation services are key to a smooth integration into an Amazon depot and helps to maximise availability.