Global Supply Chain Support

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From factory gate collection through to end customer delivery

Supply chain

Unlike traditional order fulfilment companies, 3P Logistics aren’t restricted to providing clients with just eCommerce support. It is very rare to find an all-round logistics provider that combines the softer side of eCommerce with the more physical aspects of freight management, general warehousing and road haulage. We are in fact a ‘Total Supply Chain’ company that serves B2B just as effectively as B2C. We often hear the phrase a ‘true one stop shop’ and for 3P Logistics there couldn’t be a more fitting description.

In such a time pressured world, why have multiple points of contact and numerous invoices across a range of individual suppliers when you can have just the one?


  • Making the world a smaller place

    Traditionally, air & sea freight, road freight and warehouse operators exist as separate businesses. However, at 3P Logistic these services are provided under the one roof. When combining the above with our niche eCommerce operations we become increasingly advantageous to businesses that source and sell internationally. As the world becomes a smaller place the concept of a truly global market place is no longer a pipe dream. Businesses that embrace international sourcing and selling will inevitably outperform those that don’t.

  • Expanding overseas

    A lack of both knowledge and expertise are often restraining factors in businesses expanding overseas. Those that are bold enough to explore overseas opportunities often find themselves dealing with multiple contacts and that can bring its own difficulties. A typical business that manufactures overseas and also exports its goods can be involved with multiple contacts across differing companies and countries including:

    • Agents
    • Shippers
    • Customs
    • Clearance
    • Haulage
    • Warehousing

    All this requires meticulous co-ordination and losing control of both the process and the cost of each project is a common risk.  At 3P Logistics, with our global supply chain support, the above services are overseen by just one point of contact and the costs are consolidated into one simple invoice.

Common trading terms

The most common trading terms used in shipping goods internationally are:

  • Freight on board (FOB)– The exporter delivers the goods at the specified location (and on board the vessel). This means any cost to load and lash, are to be paid by the exporter.
  • Cost and freight (C&F, CFR, CNF): (With insurance payable by the importer). The exporter pays the ocean shipping/air freight costs to the specified location.
  • Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF): Insurance and freight are all paid by the exporter to the specified location.