Discovering New Brands

Subscription boxes sales are booming, and 3P Logistics is helping many successful subscription box companies increase their bottom line through slicker delivery and by saving them money on their shipping, packaging, and kitting. With over 13 years of fulfilling orders we understand the ins and outs of the fulfilment and logistics sector and with such expertise we can eliminate your shipping headaches.

Our cloud-based technology allows you to view the status of your orders and forecast inventory levels in real time from anywhere in the world via any device. In addition our numerous marketplace and platform integrations enable you to sell individual products to your repeat customers who love receiving them in your branded box.

Before we start trading a helpful member of our on-boarding team will discuss and ascertain your exact requirements (Solution Scoping). With years of experience we are always open to sharing best practice. We’ll cover topics related to, packaging types, shipping options, API integrations, and more.

The key features of our subscription box fulfilment service include:

Kitting and Assembly

We understand how important the unboxing experience is when a customer receives one of your boxes, so we go the extra mile to ensure that we do our part in upholding a high standard of care when it comes to kitting your box. You’ve done the hard part of curating the box, so we’ll make sure that everything is presented to your liking. Prior to shipping your first order we will kit to pre-agreed specification and forward images of the finished goods in seeking final authorisation. Once approved, full assembly will begin in time to meet your ship date. You’ll be able to track everything through our web platform whilst your account coordinator will also remain a helpful point of contact throughout

Custom Packing Procedures

3P Logistics offers custom packing procedures that encompass an array of needs. You may be aggregating products from outside vendors, or maybe you need to strip away the bulk packing the product arrives in. We’ll remove any unnecessary wrapping or packaging as well as repack if necessary while we kit your boxes. Occasionally we’ll receive products that need to be modified. If it’s removing manufacturer labels or helping you source custom packaging, we’re flexible enough to conform to your needs each month. Using our simple online work instruction template, you simply confirm the spec and we confirm the pricing. For that added peace of mind we do not commence the work until the specific work order request has been authorised by you. 

Dedicated Coordinator

Each account is assigned a named account coordinator to on-board them from the very start and will be on hand to answer any questions regarding our services and their account. Our account coordinators undergo rigorous training on all thing’s fulfilment & logistics.

Pick and Pack

As one of the UK's leading privately owned fulfilment houses we ship thousands of orders each day across all commodity types. Our flexible pay per use services are a great way of keeping you margins ion check as opposed to saddling your business with a host of fixed overheads regardless of demand.

Cost-Effective & Flexible Shipping

Our many years within the shipping industry enable us to provide industry leading service via the world’s most reliable carriers while offering highly competitive rates. Before we ship your products, you’ll be presented with an inclusive list of carrier options where you can choose from the slowest and cheapest to the most reliable and fastest carriers available or anything in between. This pre-defined rules engine gives you complete control over your shipping costs and peace of mind that your products are delivered on time and to a budget to suit. 

Value Added Logistics

Occasionally you may need 3PL to perform more left field tasks that aren't including in the original specification. At 3P Logistics we believe that anything is possible, and everything carries a price. Our dynamic team of “can do” people is readily available to support any of your needs, no matter how complex or simple.

Technology Led

As a technology company that does fulfilment and logistics, we`re proud to be different. Innovation is on our DNA and we are constantly seeking out ways to simply supply chain. From our open API integration to on demand reporting our proprietary platform allows you manage and oversee your 3PL partner from a single source.

Contact a helpful member of our new business team to discuss your requirements and your subscription box operations could be up and running in no time.