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What is a 3PL?

Third party logistics (abbreviated 3PL) is a company’s use of a third party business to outsource elements of the company’s fulfilment and logistics services.

Order fulfillment Companies are third-party vendors that fulfill orders for other companies such as online sellers, eCommerce or even brick-and-mortar stores that do not possess their own warehouse and distribution facilities. 

3P Logistics have been successfully fulfilling orders for a wide range of retail and wholesale businesses since our inception in 2006. With our continued evolution comes industry expertise and convenient access to an ever expanding range of value added support services. When you work with 3P Logistics, we’ll define and agree a solution based around your activity profile, your business needs and a lasting partnership.

At the very heart of our service offering are 3PL specialists, whose knowledge and insight are driven by long-term industry experience and a genuine passion to fulfill orders. 

With user convenience in mind we have developed our very own supply chain “ecosystem” providing clients with access to a full-spectrum of end to end support through a single source of supply. From freight imports to end consumer delivery our services are supported by our very own proprietary web-based technology systems providing users with real time visibility of activities and inventory status on demand.

With continually rising rent and people costs demand for flexible outsourced warehousing and logistics has never been greater. Outsourcing all non-core activities is a growing trend allowing you and your team to focus on the core aspects of your business.