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Value added services

Our value-added services are designed to enhance your logistics operations by allowing you to tailor solutions to your specific business needs. Whether it involves reworking products to meet quality standards or managing customer interactions through our dedicated contact centre.

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At times, products received directly from manufacturers or suppliers may not fully align with specifications. These items might require adjustments, such as new labels or packaging.

Re-labelling stock

When your products come straight from the manufacturer, they might not always be retail-ready. At 3PL, we step in to make sure they’re all set for your customer. That might mean sewing in new labels, attaching tags, adding labels, or even switching up the outer packaging.

Custom packaging

3PL work closely with you to ensure your custom packaging is used for each order, maintaining your brand’s identity and elevating the customer unboxing experience.

Supply chain support

3PL can manage any part of your supply chain. Our services cover freight imports, customs clearance, inland haulage, and receipt confirmation offering a convenient and cost-effective option.


Contact centre

3PL deliver the service your customers deserve. Always putting your customers first, we strive to create a seamless experience every time they reach out to us.

Brand first

3PL works closely with you to ensure that your customers receive customer service that truly reflects your brand.

Customer experience

Experience seamless product returns, quick refunds, and rapid replenishments with 3PL, ensuring your customers enjoy the best shopping experience from beginning to end.

Real-time stock visibility

3PL’s platform Fusion allows you to manage inventory all in one place. With real-time stock visibility, manage your backorders and avoid stockouts, ensuring your customers remain satisfied.

Platform and marketplace integrations

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Frequently asked questions

What types of rework services do you offer as part of your value-added services?

Our rework services include repackaging, labelling, assembly, and quality checks to ensure that products meet specific market requirements or customer expectations. This service is ideal for adapting products for different regional standards or promotional packaging needs, thereby enhancing product appeal and compliance.

How can your contact centre services enhance my customer support?

Our contact centre services provide comprehensive support by handling customer inquiries, processing orders, and managing returns and exchanges. By integrating with your sales systems, our trained professionals deliver consistent and high-quality service that boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Can your value-added services be customised to fit specific business requirements?

Yes, our value-added services are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Whether you need specialised packaging, custom kitting, or dedicated customer support solutions, we work closely with you to develop a service plan that aligns with your operational goals and enhances your supply chain efficiency.