3PL Order Fulfilment Services – Redefining Logistics

You source & sell, the rest is 3PL

Privately owned and formed in 2006, 3P Logistics is a fresh thinking UK Logistics Company firmly attuned to the evolution of retail logistics and the evolving demands of the 21st Century consumer.


ISO accredited and with access to over 150,000 sq. feet of secure warehousing we are entrusted by many National and International businesses to fulfil thousands of orders weekly. We welcome businesses of all shapes and sizes and take great satisfaction in supporting their business growth.


What is 3PL?

3PL (third-party logistics) is the term given when a company provides logistics services for those looking to outsource a part of their logistics from resource management to the way resources are moved to geographical areas wherever they are required.


Why 3P Logistics?

At 3P Logistics we believe in giving our clients both choice and flexibility.

Our fully integrated service offering represents a modern day “logistics ecosystem” that affords you the choice of outsourcing whole or part of the supply chain. Such diversity sets us apart from the many traditional operators that have simply failed to evolve.


With B2C & B2B ecommerce order fulfilment at the very heart of the offering our wider warehousing and logistics services further satisfies the growing demand for a fully integrated fulfilment supply chain. From multi-modal freight management, general warehousing and order drop ship operations to order efulfilment, reverse logistics and network delivery we have every aspect of supply chain covered.
Our extensive offerings is further enhanced by our very own fulfillment technology platform putting you in control of your operations from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.


Businesses choose to outsource their order fulfilment operations to us for many reasons including:

  • Service – Access to sector leading service levels.
  • Cost – Access to collective buying power e.g. Carriers, Consumables etc.
  • Knowledge – Access to sector expertise and leaner fulfillment operations.
  • Flexibility – Access to a diverse range of fulfilment support under the one roof.


Demand for fulfilment third party logistics and shared user warehousing is on the rise as the wholesale, retail and ecommerce sectors continue their move towards the outsourcing of all non-core activities.


If increased flexibility and leaner ecommerce fulfillment operations are important to your business then why not join the growing number of businesses opting to outsource their fulfilment operations to 3PL.


Do what you do best and outsource the rest… 

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