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Amazon Freight

Amazon Freight is a service offered by Amazon and fulfilled by 3PL. It provides freight transportation for businesses looking to ship large quantities of goods. Amazon Freight enables businesses to transport palletised freight using Amazon’s own fleet of trucks and third-party carriers.

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We understand that using Amazon Freight services comes with its challenges.

01. Complexity in scheduling and tracking

Managing shipment schedules and tracking shipments with Amazon Freight can be quite intricate. Retailers frequently encounter challenges in efficiently scheduling pickups and deliveries, which can result in delays and interruptions in their supply chain.

02. Cost management

Despite Amazon Freight offering competitive rates, retailers may face unexpected expenses that affect their profitability. Additional charges like accessorials, detention fees, and surcharges can accumulate rapidly, posing a challenge for retailers in accurately forecasting their shipping costs.

03. Limited flexibility

Amazon Freight operates within a structured framework that may restrict retailers’ ability to manage shipments with ease. Retailers may encounter challenges due to Amazon’s predetermined delivery schedules and routing preferences, making it difficult to cater to specific customer requests or refine their shipping strategies.

The types of products we handle

3PL has partnered with a range of incredible brands, each offering a variety of products, to fulfil their Amazon freight needs.

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More valuable reasons to partner with 3PL

By outsourcing your Amazon operations to 3PL you generate more time to focus on your core business activities, streamline your operations and extend your customer reach.

Scaling Freight

3PL makes the freight process smoother by handling everything from pickup to delivery. This efficiency ensures that your products reach Amazon fulfilment centres promptly, cutting down transit times and enhancing inventory management.

Enhanced customer experience

Faster order processing, accurate freight, and reliable delivery can lead to higher customer satisfaction ratings and positive reviews on Amazon.

Flexible freight solutions

3PL have years of expertise negotiating favourable rates with carriers and optimise shipping routes, helping you minimise expenses associated with Amazon freight.

Going Beyond

What makes 3PL solutions different from the rest?

3PL are commitment to innovative technology, data-driven solutions, and sustainable ethical practices sets us apart from other fulfilment houses.

Real-time analytics

Our real-time data allows you to monitor stock levels and orders as it happens.

Customer support

As part of our customer promise we deliver a response to all online support enquires within 60 minutes or less.

Flexible carrier solutions

3PL partner with leading carriers to offer the best pricing and services. Enjoy the freedom to combine different carrier services, providing your customers with shipping options that best fits their needs.

We employ great people and empower them to always be the best version of themselves. Working at 3PL is not just a job - it’s a lifestyle.

Ian WalkerFounder and MD

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3PL Lite frequently asked questions

How can Amazon Freight benefit sellers looking to optimise their large-scale shipping operations?

Amazon Freight provides sellers with a reliable freight service for transporting large volumes of inventory across long distances, using Amazon’s extensive logistics network. This service is especially beneficial for sellers needing to move bulk stock to Amazon fulfilment centres or directly to customers, offering competitive rates and assured capacity. By using Amazon Freight, sellers can take advantage of streamlined booking processes, transparent pricing, and the convenience of door-to-door shipments. This optimises large-scale shipping operations by reducing transportation costs, improving supply chain efficiency, and ensuring timely delivery of inventory, crucial for maintaining stock levels and meeting customer demand.

What are the key features of Amazon Freight that differentiate it from other freight services?

Amazon Freight stands out due to its integration with Amazon’s broader logistics ecosystem, providing seamless transportation solutions with a focus on reliability and scalability. Key features include access to Amazon’s own fleet and trusted third-party carriers, ensuring capacity even during peak times. Additionally, Amazon Freight offers transparent, upfront pricing and easy-to-use online booking tools, simplifying the process of arranging shipments. The service is designed to meet the specific needs of Amazon sellers, including compliance with Amazon’s delivery and packaging requirements, making it a tailored solution for businesses leveraging Amazon’s marketplace.

In what ways can partnering with a 3PL enhance the use of Amazon Freight for my business?

Partnering with a 3PL can significantly enhance the use of Amazon Freight by providing additional expertise in logistics planning, inventory management, and fulfilment strategy. A 3PL can help businesses optimally integrate Amazon Freight into their overall supply chain, ensuring that freight services are used effectively to balance cost, speed, and reliability. They can also assist with the preparation and consolidation of shipments to meet Amazon’s requirements, further reducing logistics complexity and costs. Moreover, a 3PL’s advanced technology and analytics can offer deeper insights into shipping performance and supply chain efficiency, enabling continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.