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Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM)

FBM is an outsourced option for sellers with an Amazon Seller Central Account. It offers benefits like centralised inventory, minimised handling, lower storage fees, and avoids peak season surcharges.

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Are these the challenges you face? If so then Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) may be the best solution for you.

01. Customer service demands

Are you feeling the pressure of managing customer inquiries, returns, and exchanges on top of shipping responsibilities? Delivering excellent customer service demands considerable time and resources, particularly during peak seasons or when tackling complicated issues.

02. Amazon compliance

Are you finding keeping up with delivery compliance stressful? Staying up to date with the latest delivery compliance and ensuring your products are always compliant can be a logistical headache. From inventory management to shipping protocols, management at all aspects of the supply chain is critical.

03. Charge backs

A major challenge you’ll face is the unforeseen expenses cutting into your profits. You dedicate significant effort to your Amazon venture, refining your products, and the last thing you need is unexpected fees due to delivery compliance issues.

The types of products we handle

3PL has partnered with a range of incredible brands, each offering a variety of products, to fulfil their FBM needs.

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More valuable reasons to partner with 3PL

By outsourcing your Amazon operations to 3PL you generate more time to focus on your core business activities, streamline your operations and extend your customer reach.

Logistics and order fulfilment

3PL is equipped to efficiently manage your FBM orders with precision. Through streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology, you can anticipate expedited order processing, shorter shipping durations, and heightened customer satisfaction.

Access to direct Integrations

With a 3PL handling your Amazon FBM orders, you can efficiently fulfil orders from multiple sales channels, not just Amazon. This allows you to expand your reach and grow your business without worrying about fulfilment logistics.

Reduce costs

You can avoid the costs associated with maintaining your own warehouse space, hiring staff, and managing inventory. This can result in significant cost savings for your business, especially as you scale up.

Going Beyond

What makes 3PL solutions different from the rest?

3PL are commitment to innovative technology, data-driven solutions, and sustainable ethical practices sets us apart from other fulfilment houses.

Real-time analytics

Our real-time data allows you to monitor stock levels and orders as it happens.

Customer support

As part of our customer promise we deliver a response to all online support enquires within 60 minutes or less.

Flexible carrier solutions

3PL partner with leading carriers to offer the best pricing and services. Enjoy the freedom to combine different carrier services, providing your customers with shipping options that best fits their needs.

We employ great people and empower them to always be the best version of themselves. Working at 3PL is not just a job - it’s a lifestyle.

Ian WalkerFounder and MD

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Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) frequently asked questions

What is Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM), and how does it differ from other fulfilment models like Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)?

Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) is a logistics model where sellers are responsible for storing their inventory, processing orders, and managing shipments directly to customers, as opposed to outsourcing these tasks to third-party services like Amazon’s Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Unlike FBA, where Amazon handles storage, packing, and shipping, FBM gives sellers complete control over their inventory and fulfilment processes. This model offers greater flexibility in customising the fulfilment experience, potentially lowering costs for sellers who can efficiently manage their logistics operations.

What are the key benefits of choosing FBM for my e-commerce business?

Choosing FBM for your e-commerce business can offer several key benefits, including more control over inventory and the customer service process, potential cost savings on fulfilment fees, and the ability to personalise the packing and shipping experience. FBM also allows for direct communication with customers, enabling a more tailored customer service approach. This model is particularly beneficial for sellers with existing logistics infrastructure or those selling products with irregular sizes or special handling requirements that may incur higher fees under models like FBA.

How can businesses ensure success with the FBM model, particularly regarding logistics and customer satisfaction?

Ensuring success with the FBM model requires efficient logistics operations, strategic inventory management, and a focus on customer satisfaction. Businesses should invest in reliable inventory management systems to avoid stockouts and overselling, establish robust processes for quick and accurate order fulfilment, and choose shipping partners that offer competitive rates and reliable service. Providing excellent customer service, including prompt and clear communication, hassle-free returns, and fast resolution of any issues, is crucial. Additionally, continuously analysing performance data to identify areas for improvement can help maintain high levels of service quality and customer satisfaction.