Amazon is a global e-commerce giant offering a vast array of products from books and electronics to clothing and groceries. It serves as a massive marketplace for both individual sellers and businesses, providing a platform to reach millions of customers worldwide.

3PL Fusion for Amazon

Known for its customer-centric approach, efficient logistics network, and innovative technologies like AI and machine learning, Amazon has become a dominant force in retail and beyond, shaping consumer behaviour and redefining the way we shop and consume media.

Amazon integration benefits with 3PL

Streamline order fulfilment from Amazon sales, ensuring fast and reliable delivery to your customers.
Reduce the overheads associated with warehousing and shipping by leveraging 3PL's logistics infrastructure.
Access to advanced inventory management, syncing your Amazon listings with real-time stock levels.
Benefit from 3PL's expertise in Amazon's fulfilment requirements, such as FBA preparation services.
Expand your market by effortlessly managing cross-border shipments through 3PL's international logistics network.

If you meet some or all of the above criteria, 3PL can help you scale.

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Frequently asked questions

How can 3PL help with managing my Amazon orders?

3PL offers seamless integration, handling everything from storage to shipping, so you can focus on sales and customer service.

Will integrating Amazon with 3PL affect my Prime eligibility?

Integrating with 3PL won’t affect your Prime eligibility; 3PL can prepare items for FBA or handle fulfilment that meets Prime’s speedy delivery standards.

Can 3PL support multi-channel fulfilment for my Amazon store?

Absolutely, 3PL’s multi-channel fulfilment solution integrates with Amazon, allowing you to sell across various platforms while maintaining centralized control.