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Hey everyone,

It’s time for the latest edition of Inside 3PL.

You’ve already met John Scully and Brandon Vaughan.

But there lots more amazing people here at 3PL with interesting stories and that I’d like you to meet them over the coming months.

It’s still National Apprenticeship Week and that gives us a great excuse to introduce you to another 3PL’er who is a product of our 3PL Academy.

Next up is Hannah Banks. Hannah is a key part of our customer support team and began her life at 3PL on an apprenticeship scheme before finally becoming a full-time member team 3PL.

Hannah works directly with many of our customers and supports their day to day needs regarding inventory, shipping and delivery and in many ways is an extension of their business…and…she is also the most generous brew maker in the business. ☕

Ready to learn more about Hannah? Here we go

Barry Ryan: To start, can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you got to 3PL?

Hannah Banks: I was fresh out of college and still trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a career. I had an opportunity to enrol on a customer care apprenticeship scheme and after speaking to a few different potential companies, 3PL just stood out to me as a great place to work.

Barry: Why did you decide to join 3PL?

Hannah: 3PL offered the opportunity to be more hands-on with my role. It was a chance for me to really learn about the business from every angle, warehousing, logistics, delivery – customer care is about much more than a voice at the end of the phone – it’s about making sure our customers are looked after from every angle.

Barry: What did you learn from your time as a 3PL apprentice?

Hannah: I learnt that logistics is a very complex service and there are a lot of key factors that go into making order fulfilment a success. There is a lot to learn at the start and before I could start to provide great customer service, I had to learn what made our services great. Once I gained that understanding and experience, I could start to really offer the world-class customer support that our customers need.

Barry: What’s made you want a career in Customer Care?

Hannah: Growing up I always had jobs that were customer-facing. I guess I have always been comfortable speaking to people and trying my best to put a smile on their face. There is something really satisfying about helping a customer find a solution to a problem and helping to support their business.

Barry: What does a typical day in your role look like?

Hannah: My day revolves being as proactive as possible with our customers’ needs. We like to give our customers answers and solutions fast, so this evolves communication across call and emails. I also act as a direct line of communication into the warehouse team helping to ensure orders are fulfilled in line with customers priorities.

I also act like the customer’s eyes and ears performing quality checks and reports whenever needed.

Barry: What’s your favourite thing about working at 3PL?

Hannah: It has to be speaking to our lovely customers and building relationships with them.

Barry: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt at 3PL?

Hannah: ‘Focus on solutions’ There is always a solution to every challenge or situation, you just have to do your best to find it.

Barry: What advice do you have for a future 3PL apprentice?

Hannah: Just got for it! It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow in a fast-paced working environment. There is never a dull moment at 3PL and there are always problems to solve and fresh challenges – plus you get to work with some fantastic brands and you really get to know the people behind them.

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