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Exciting news!

In a big move that promises to redefine the way businesses engage with their audience, TikTok has announced an exciting development for UK Shopify merchants. Brace yourselves for a new era of online retail as TikTok introduces the ability for Shopify merchants to seamlessly integrate their stores with TikTok Shop through the TikTok for Shopify app.

The Power of TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop isn’t just a marketplace, it’s a vibrant community where brands can thrive. With TikTok Shop, brands can showcase and sell their products directly to the unique TikTok community, all without ever leaving the platform. This integration is a testament to TikTok’s commitment to fostering creativity and commerce hand in hand.

Expanding Possibilities with Shopify

By expanding its partnership with Shopify, TikTok is opening doors for merchants to reach new heights in their ecommerce journey. Shopify, renowned for powering millions of merchants globally, now offers its UK-based merchants the tools to seamlessly create TikTok ad campaigns, synchronise product catalogues, and sell products through live broadcast, all within the TikTok for Shopify app.

A Win Win

For Shopify merchants, this means more than just an increased reach, it’s about providing choice and convenience to both merchants and their customers. With the rising trend of consumers engaging directly with brands on mobile and entertainment platforms like TikTok, Shopify merchants can now tap into these channels without leaving their familiar platform.

Building on a Strong Foundation

The partnership between TikTok and Shopify isn’t new, it’s been steadily growing since 2020. Following a successful launch in the US in 2023, the expansion into the UK market marks another milestone in their collaborative journey. Together, TikTok and Shopify have empowered businesses worldwide to thrive in the digital age.


As TikTok and Shopify join forces to redefine the ecommerce landscape, the possibilities for brands are limitless. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established brand, TikTok Shop offers a gateway to a world of opportunity. So, embrace the future of retail and embark on a journey where creativity knows no bounds!

The UK Shopify integration will be available to merchants from today, the 6th of March 2024.
With the exciting development of TikTok Shop and UK Shopify, the final piece of the puzzle is fulfilment. With seamless integration APIs to both TikTok Shop and Shopify, 3PL is your perfect partner to cater to your brand, with a flawlessly integrated fulfilment journey.

Collaborating with 3PL for outsourced fulfilment and logistics allows you to tap into our expertise in inventory management, order fulfilment, and shipping logistics. This liberates you from the hassle of managing the entire fulfilment process internally, enabling you to concentrate on core business activities while expanding your operational capacity.

TikTok + Shopify + 3PL + your brand = truly a match made in heaven.

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