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Hi, I’m Leanne and have recently been appointed to oversee all aspects of Content Marketing at 3PL.

The subject of Fulfilment & Logistics can’t be on trend, can it? – How wrong was I!

As I reflect on my first two months in this role, I’m bursting with enthusiasm to share my joy of discovering a unique and empowering experience with my new employer.

Starting any new job can be a daunting experience. On my first day at 3PL, whilst waiting nervously in reception, I was instantly put at ease with the well-loved British phrase “Would you like a cup of tea?”. It may seem like a small gesture, but such a warm personable embrace is often overlooked in bigger businesses.

What followed thereafter was a truly unique first-day experience and one which I’ll never forget. Ian Walker the Founder and MD of 3PL exclaimed “Leanne, you’ve arrived !! Let’s get started”, and what followed was a personal 121 with Ian designed to shape my future journey as Content Marketer. In my previous roles, I was fortunate to get so much as a glance of acknowledgement from a senior member but at 3PL, I was instantly learning about the business from the owner of the business himself. My mind was blown on Day 1!

As a marketeer, I have worked for one of the UK’s biggest fashion retailers, but I have never had the freedom or trust that has been bestowed on me at 3PL. Refreshingly I was simply told to explore and experiment with placing my own stamp to influence the Company’s brand. As a creative person, you can imagine how excited I was to receive such freedom. Two months into the role I’m still learning and contemplating the direction in which I would like to take the brand and there’s never a dull moment. On closer reflection, it has been one of the most liberating experiences of my professional career to date and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Ian told me “There are jobs, then there are 3PL opportunities” where the only limiting factor is the individual and never the Company. The glass ceilings that are often encountered in the workplace have been removed at 3PL and the sky really is my limit. To start a new job and see a fruitful, exciting future ahead is what every person strives for. Hard work and value creation really do reap rewards. I feel privileged that I have been given this amazing opportunity to showcase my talents and realise my true potential.

Above all else if someone was to ask me, where will you be this time next year?

I genuinely wouldn’t know how to answer, as my role is evolving by the day with the scope to make real impactful marketing, and my brief continues to evolve as we “go with the flow and roll with it”.

On answering the impossible question, I guess, my only answer would be that I’d be evolving into the top-class marketeer that 3PL desire and I know I can be that person.

Anyway – I must dash as there’s a fantastic brand and a great bunch of people that need my creative Superpower!