RedPrairie, now part of JDA Software, offers supply chain and retail solutions, including warehouse management systems (WMS) and end-to-end retail strategies.

3PL Fusion for RedPraire

Leader in global supply chain management, offering a broad portfolio of integrated planning and execution solutions and services to help global firms manage their supply chains from raw materials to finished products and into the hands of consumers through any channel.

RedPraire integration benefits with 3PL

Seamless integration with RedPrairie's warehouse management system for optimized inventory control and logistics planning.
Enhanced efficiency in order processing and fulfilment, leveraging RedPrairie's advanced planning capabilities.
Real-time visibility into inventory levels and order status, ensuring accurate and timely customer deliveries.
Improved supply chain coordination, facilitating smoother operations from warehouse to final delivery.
Access to detailed analytics and reporting for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

If you meet some or all of the above criteria, 3PL can help you scale.

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Frequently asked questions

How does 3PL integration complement RedPrairie's warehouse management features?

Our integration enhances RedPrairie’s capabilities by adding our expertise in logistics and fulfilment, further optimising your supply chain operations.

Can integrating with 3PL improve inventory accuracy for businesses using RedPrairie?

Yes, the integration provides real-time inventory updates, greatly improving accuracy and reducing the risk of stockouts or excess inventory.

What are the advantages of using 3PL with RedPrairie for supply chain management?

Combining 3PL’s fulfilment services with RedPrairie’s software enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction through reliable delivery services.