Delighted to announce a new client on board, Corenso. 

'About us

Corenso Group is one of the world’s leading producers of high-performance cores and tubes as well as and high-quality coreboard and packaging board. We build up long-term partnerships with customers through continuous development and innovation. Product knowledge, proactive research, and specialized technology come together to provide our customers with the performance they need.

Corenso has worldwide presence with board mills and core plants in multiple locations across Europe, China, and the USA. In addition, we have partnerships with other manufacturers in four further core plants.

Corenso is committed to the development of an environmentally sustainable business model to improve the reusability and recyclability of its products.

Our Story

Corenso was founded in 1992 as a joint venture between the forest industry groups Stora Enso and UPM. In the beginning, Corenso was a regional player focusing mainly on the production of coreboard. However, the company’s joint venture partners supported the management in its strategy of developing and expanding the business. Through a combination of acquisitions and the establishment of new core plants, Corenso grew to be a global player and the market leader in the Nordic region.

After many years as a joint venture, UPM made a strategic decision to withdraw from the coreboard and cores market, and thus in 2005, Stora Enso became Corenso’s sole owner. The business continued to develop and expand under Stora Enso’s ownership, increasing its worldwide presence and investing in the development of its network of coreboard mills and core plants around the world.

Another chapter in Corenso’s history began in December 2014, when the Powerflute group acquired Corenso. Powerflute had quickly established itself as fast-growing entrepreneurial presence in the European paper and packaging industry. Madison Dearborn and Partners from Chicago acquired the Powerflute group in December 2016 and the company was consequently delisted from the London Stock Exchange AIM market.

Starting from April 2017, the group has chosen to operate under the name NPAC – Nordic Packaging and Container. Corenso is now a member of the NPAC Holdings group of companies, but most importantly, continues to remain a trustworthy supplier of cores and coreboard.'